Why can’t we all just get along like how Lady Music teaches it?

It’s a blessing to be one of the hosts at the local Petersham Jams at the Davis Hall Unitarian Church. People from here and surrounding communities come to play music. No one mentions politics. No one mentions political views, economic theories or opinions regarding current states of affairs. It’s about the music, and it’s a remarkable thing to witness this social ease because our country is split into roughly, right and left, and we can’t yet talk to each other.

We’ve got some roads to travel before we have the skills to talk to each other over politics, the civility is gone.

All of us are in need of new tools to politely engage, without fear, opposing ideas. Even our little town seems bifurcated at times. Not so with this local  music jam that is an open mic night, just every few months.  There is social  and musical harmony at the Petersham Jam when musicians and audiences from all places and races come to play and party. I suggest to the World: let’s assemble community more around music. When music is playing, no one seems to care about politics. Everyone gets along and enjoys themselves. There is no “Other” to point the finger at. Seeing the magic of music has been a surprise to me, unfolding like a precious flower to witness everyone on all sides playing, singing, dancing and socializing in one room and all having a great time, this bright, communal warmth from our Jam. Thank you, Lady Music! You have the power to heal communities, I’ve seen your Work Lady Music, with my own eyes!

If you want to be on the Petersham Jams announcement list when the next event is, contact me!

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
Maria Augusta von Trapp