I want to play with more musicians.


Welcome. Music is a gateway to the Universe. Music is also a way of seeing oneself. To “Know Thyself” as Socrates recommended, learning and practicing a musical instrument is a healthy prescription.

I celebrate the personal home recording studio as a revolution. The studio is what keeps me motivated to practice and play. I love to record. Live gigs are my connection to community and my chance to present what I’ve been practicing. In my previous life, I was a full-time musician playing concerts, clubs and shows.

My love for nature and the country has changed all that because the professional musicians that need drummers mostly live in cities. I had to make a choice. Now I play whenever I can, when musicians inspire me, but I left the urban music scene to focus on The Good Life, which to me has something to do with Health, Music, Time, Nature, healthy food that I raise, clean air, gardens, critters, coffee, clean water, creativity on all fronts, friends, a Good Wife, stars at night and good conversation.

That good conversation can also be musical. It’s fascinating how infinite the drums are. I collaborate with other musicians. I do gigs around the Worcester area of Massachusetts, teach, record and write originals in my studio. I’ve started to gig on keyboards too, a new page in life for me.

Music is art, expression, and human collaboration. Overall I want to meet like-minded musicians locally and around the world, folks who play stuff I enjoy and vice-versa. If you are interested in collaboration, send me an email with a link to hear your work in MP3 form, or snail mail me a CD or something! Email is great! How did our forefathers ever get along without Sid Catlett or email?

Big Sid Catlett: Ahead of his time.

Big Sid Catlett: Ahead of his time.

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