The United Corporations of America (formerly the U.S.A.)

Being an artist is about being aware of more than just art. Its about being fully alive and fully plugged-in to the Universe. It means not only being a lover but being a thinker too.

I must comment on something away from the drums for a moment: Economic crisis. Economic theory is filled with feedback loops and chaos, just like quantum physics. I don’t fully understand economics and have severe doubts the experts do either, for chaos models trick humans and mathematicians all the time. I hope I am wrong for the sake of humanity, and I hope the chaos tricks me, thrusting a positive outcome to our current financial crisis.

Here goes what I think. The crisis we are experiencing cannot be fixed by bail out. The economic system has a mechanism built-in, similar to Darwin’s natural selection, that weeds out the sick and advances the healthy, or ideally it used to be this way. Bailing out the sick will be in effect a massive transfer of power from the US Taxpayer to the rich, delaying collapse but not stopping it. The bailout money will vaporize, the rich will escape, leaving behind in ruins a destitute middle class to fend for itself. Don’t give chemotherapy to a smoker who hasn’t quit smoking, its a waste of resources.

It is best to face what happened and not bail out at all, consequences be damned, because the bailout will not help the chronically ill. Now is our opportunity for the economy to weed out the sick. We can all agree that Wall Street, financial institutions and the debt-ridden consumer were indeed performing psychotic behavior living beyond their means. Debt is sexy, cash is clash. What’s better: No bailouts and therefore no increasing debt, the sick exit making room for the healthy, or a bailout that rescues but does not heal the sick, collapse occurs later, causing American citizens and healthy businesses in the future to pay dearly for what we did? This massive bailout is debt, the largest in history.

Debt eats away our economy like acid, benefiting the filthy rich. We Americans love to beat the drum of “Freedom” but the educated world sees us as a farce, for how can huge debt be freedom? Corporate socialism, which appears to be supported by both parties, is not the answer. Let the sick die. They have had plenty of time in decades to listen to sages, and they did not. Let us rebuild our country with more intelligent economic theories that rebel against antiquated – and sick – models. We cannot successfully have economic models based on infinite growth in a world with finite resources, that’s just common sense our current leaders cannot see, in a manner of blindness that could be called “mentally disabled”.

This whole bailout appears to me as one thing: a massive transfer of power from the middle class to the filthy rich. Over the past two decades, the sick financial sector scoffed at warnings given by brilliant minds. We as a society have had plenty of warnings, but we were too busy watching Survivor in our SUV’s and charging it. The bailout ensures the rich get an escape hatch, and the middle class will be dragged down to the depths of economic decay similar to the third world. We will be left alone to rot. I am very disappointed in America and its lack of wisdom, a place that has no idea about the lessons of the drum.

If indeed we are foolish enough to support psychosis, we deserve to fall, just like Rome. It is time for all of us to get off our butts, roll up our sleeves, get to work as a community, talk to each other, listen more than speak, choose healthy media, seek self-improvement and rebuild this country into something better than it was or we shall see lots of suffering for decades to come. Yeah, I’m mad about the insanity. Like I said earlier, I hope I am wrong. The only things that comfort me from the current crisis are music, loved ones, counting my blessings in gratitude, self-improvement and engagement with the Universe.

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