Native Americans saw our future.



I must beat my drum now for a mature audience. The indigenous peoples were horrified at how the White Man talked about and treated the environment. We are bearing inedible fruit now for having ignored their warnings. Indigenous peoples saw the Long Road Ahead: We are a part of nature, we are of nature, we sprouted from nature even if it was guided by the hand of God. Those who choose to forget this interconnectedness with nature get eliminated by nature. Nature and physics will always win. No one in their right mind would defecate in their drinking water but we do similar things to our environment all the time: look at oil and its by-products, the thousands of liquid chemical toxins and plastics in our water supply and the world’s oceans. I’m tired of not saying anything about this. Here I am writing about something that greatly concerns me.

First, the excellent positive fact is I believe you have genius, much I can learn from you. But do you believe it yourself? Please do, for in so doing you become more alive. Whatever gifts you have, they are rooted in genius, your muse. It is time for you and me to roll up our sleeves, speak with diplomacy but daring truth, and get busy talking to this genius, the place where our gifts sprout. We need the talented and creative genius of all people, and this includes you. Put down those stupid time-wasting games and other nefarious energy-suckers that sap you of your precious dialogue with genius. Step up and contribute your unique gifts to the change and invention we need now. You will have the most fun being alive. Believe in yourself enough to know that you cannot waste your time, you are a genius in the making, in constant growth. All you need to do is nurture this relationship with  genius, and give it back to us and all the critters, since we are all interconnected.

So your genius is now engaged. You believe in yourself, garnering together your gifts and special superpowers. We are entering formidable times, we need you and your gifts. The Native American Navaho predicted we would doom ourselves. Everyone, including you, know deep down that something is wrong. It is time to question everything that’s been done before and why, including what we do with waste streams like exhaust, trash, toxic chemicals, plastic in oceans, and the other million waste streams. Let us give our genius before we lose it all. Stop to sense all the intricate beauty around you, the beauty in nature is usually a galaxy level of richness more than what is man made. Stop to contemplate the return cycles that nature imposes. Where does the water go? Where does the soil go? The answers to these questions connect to our long-term destiny as a civilization. Have hope! In the problems lay the answers.

Nature can renew itself but only with lots of time, more time than Wall Street has. And now we have China, Brazil and India trying to copy America, including the wrecking of ecosystems, and human health will follow. Biodiversity in nature is exactly the same idea as diversity in your investments. Without diversity, risk of system collapse increases and things become more fragile, less resilient. Being a civilized human is knowing about systems, just like Native Americans,  and not just economic systems. Without sensitivity toward nature’s systems, we are doomed, even though nature will continue. Nature and gardening are full of these systems that we can harness to solve our problems, look around you. Mankind is so inefficient. We must live in harmony with the systems nature has given us: the rules of Gravity, Entropy, Water, Erosion, Light, etc. We have chosen to ignore these rules in modern society, oftentimes in favor of greed. Some of the effects of this ignorance of systems in nature are floods, mudslides and soil erosion. Principles of Permaculture show us that inside the problem lies the solution and this goes for every problem. That’s fascinating! It also sounds like Taoism. But oh! Modern economics is woefully negligent to model what I am saying here. In addition, we have developing countries who look at USA’s bling but not our pain. They love the sparkle of our jewelry but don’t see the stress required to have it.

We are all Interconnected

We are all Interconnected. even to nature.

Later we will see these newly developing countries become addicted to drugs and other activities when they realize this dream of consumerism is empty. The USA is at least half a century ahead of the developing world in consumerism. Study how it has affected us and our environment. If consumerism worked in the USA, why is almost everyone addicted to chemicals: high, alcoholic, on anti-depressants or on pain killers? But you can’t tell developing countries this news now. They are too busy “developing”.

What would Geronimo think if he were alive? Probably that we deserve what is coming, that we are zombies who defecate (dump oil, toxins, what have you) in our water and that water returns to us. There is hope but it requires us feeling responsible for our actions however small, and that these actions and our unquestioned consumerism are interconnected to everything. Modern quantum mechanics shows from a scientific view what the indigenous people have been saying forever, that you are interconnected to all people and nature, even across the universe. Your land is my land, your air is my air, your water is my water. Are you willing as citizens, or are you sheep in a trance? Let us listen to the wisdom of the Native Americans. Let us listen to quantum mechanics on a street-level.

Interconnectedness in our designs must be included in our thinking processes if we are to survive. To those who think I am overreacting to the onslaught of violence towards our environment, food and biodiversity, you are not looking, and ignorance is bliss. Using your genius and becoming fully alive is what we need in these times to solve problems.

To hear a better way of wording all this than my hacked grammar, listen to this podcast of one of the wisest women alive, Joanna Macy. She says it all in a very poetic and unified fashion, and she mentions everything I just wrote about. I call all Citizens of the World to listen to this podcast, and the expanded version, not the neatly edited version on Krista’s national show. Here it is for your consideration.

Joanna Macy with Krista Tippett:

Watercolor Carter Pond

Treat the earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.

Ancient Indian Proverb

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