One of my  favorite passions is growing food by learning and applying principles of permaculture around our property in order to grow most of our entire food supply for the year in a small, dense space. You can explore what I am doing here at our farmstead. I love to play and create music, but this other side of my life – Nature –  fills out and balances my life. Nature has more wisdom than modern man seems to acknowledge.

Music and nature are closely related. They both operate in rhythms, in a tension between forms and chaos, and nature has taught me as much about improvisation and being in the present moment as jazz music. Nature and jazz are my greatest teachers. Sound, even that, comes from nature. Musicians and artists: if you have a hankerin’ for growing your own food, you’re my tribe, let’s connect. I’ll share everything I know with you. Why? The most important changes that need to happen in the world for us to survive as a species is from the ground up, literally, and that begins with agriculture and a connection to nature, the basics. History has shown that healthy civilizations and healthy agriculture are intertwined. We have deviated far from this ideal into dangerous, foolish territory. From the basics like agriculture, we can work on the rest of society’s woes. “Never does Nature say one thing and wisdom another.” – Juvenal

Back to the basics! The same goes with snare drum! Everything Good and True has rudiments: our health, our food, our musicianship.

Peach Blossoms

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