Happy, Present Moment Filled New Year

Eric Gravatt was amazing! The whole gig was great. I saw Gravatt play the cymbals in so many ways. I heard him play with an amazing amount of dynamics. His classic tom work was unique and unmistakable. He would counterpoint musically, then duck out of the way back into the time so everything could be heard clearly. He is also a master of integrating the left foot. No wonder he is credited for changing the drums like Tony Williams is. Another amazing thing, I am sure he didn’t play Yamahas in the early 70’s. Maybe someone can help me here, but I think he played Gretsch. Somehow he has been able to keep his classic signature sound!

I’ve never heard anyone switch to the great Yamaha drums and be able to keep their classic old sound. In many cases by switching to Yamaha, their sound is improved (in my opinion Erskine is one example of this, when he switched from Slingerland to Yamaha). One other thing about Gravatt was his solos… look out! Africa and the Big City roll into one when you hear him solo. I got to meet him at the end of the show and I shook his hand. Maybe a bit of his genius will roll off onto me. My practicing will be changed forever by seeing this great musician. Happy new year to everyone, and may we all be more fully present in the moment, not kidnapped by memories of our past or seduced by the future, for the present moment is where life is. The present moment is pure life.

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