Fantastic music that soothes my soul

One of my favorite musicians of all time is from Cameroon, Richard Bona. He’s one of the most innovative and musical electric bass players of all time, his voice is beautiful and he even looks cool. He’s a natural. He moved from Cameroon and made his mark in Paris, France. Then, the jazz world discovered him. I discovered him one night at a Pat Metheny concert in Ohio. He blew me away. Then I discovered this album. A one-time unique recording never to be repeated again, this music was created without rehearsal in a studio by these three amazing men: Cameroon’s Richard Bona, Congo’s Lokua Kanza and Paris-born Gerald Toto, whose parents are Caribbean. All these guys sing gloriously with tight textural harmonies. The guitar playing and percussion sparkles like Champagne. A lawyer from France produced the album and put these guys together in the studio to see what would happen. Since when does a lawyer or any businessman do something this cool with his money? If more lawyers could make beauty in the world with their money like this, I would dance on the ceiling. The song-writing is great, and yet apparently it was created in the studio, almost improvised. This music is pure soul with masterful, tasteful musicianship. In fact the album doesn’t last long enough. I want more. It’s a masterpiece.

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