Ben was onto something.

The purpose of this website is to promote myself as an artist and a concerned, curious free-thinker. I want free press and free speech and I want YOU to have it too. Just like our old friend, Ben Franklin. The problem is, the United Corporations of America (previously known as the U.S.A.) and extreme right-wingers don’t want you to have free speech. It ain’t good for business or morality. Ben would be disgusted and would think free speech should take precedence over business, enhancing morality. If you haven’t yet noticed, the healthiest, most economically vibrant countries on earth are those places that promote free speech. There’s a deep connection between Free Speech and the Good Life. Let’s take our collective hats off to Ben Franklin for a moment and remember him. Now, let’s go defend what he believed.

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin's Signature


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