Various recordings by Kent Byron

Different Projects, Different Genres

I love to record, it’s my favorite activity when chemistry is right. I try my best, have fun and try my best to evolve. The following are drum recordings I did. Drums are my main instrument though I work on piano, bass and vocals too. I am looking to play with musicians and songwriters. I am also looking for funky jazzy musicians. If what I do sounds interesting to you, give me a call and let’s play and record and see what happens.

In the studio with a friend of mine, Leddie Jackson:

Pushing Tin by Leddie Jackson, recorded in Fitchburg, MA

Rainbird by Leddie Jackson, recorded in Fitchburg, MA

These Days by Leddie Jackson recorded in Fitchburg, MA

One Way Street by Leddie Jackson recorded in Fitchburg, MA

Golden by Leddie Jackson recorded in Fitchburg, MA

Recordings in studio with friends, some of which are just receiving files and I add drums later after the fact:

Gregorian Funk by Doug Berry, one of my favorite composers who has not achieved notoriety. If the mix is bad, it’s my fault!


Twelve Bars from Mars, a tune written by drummer great Lenny White.

A recording I did in Columbus OH direct to disk, at my studio.

It’s got it’s rough points but captured a certain spirit of joy. Keith Alexander on Guitar and Mark Subel, Bass.

Equinox a duet with Doug Berry in his studio. It’s in 7/4 time signature.

With Paradigm Shift in Rochester, NY:

Paradigm Shift


I feel like a dufus but some of these titles I don’t remember… when I ripped the disc my information was Song 1, etc. So if you know any of these titles, please write me. Also hey! This was direct to disk, in one evening.

Song 2 Bluesy

Song #10

Song #1

Cantelope Isle


Song #7

Song #6

 with the blues band The Dynamics in Rochester, NY:

The Dynamics poster

Route 66

Early in the morning

Tore Down

St. Louis Blues

One Bad Stud


Every day I have the blues

Brown Eyed Girl

Divider line2

With Rod Bowens from Dallas, TX way back in the day.

Trudy Fayes Day


Neck Bonz


Love Games

More recordings to come, I have to dig through them and put up more soon!

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